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Candle-lite manufactures exclusive handmade candles.

Our candles are made carefully to perfection,
and are moulded with the highest imported quality wax.

The candles are non-dripping and long lasting.
Candles can be bought or rented.

We have a wide variety of colours available and can match your favourite colour.
Fragranced candles are available for that special touch!

Our Showcase

about us

Alet is a widely experienced and well-known wedding planner and floral artist. The design & manufacturing of candles perfect the match.
She has a passion for weddings, events and pretty things and as such the candles create that additional creative element. We are a family at Candle-lite and our staff is close to our heart.
We all have a passion for what we do, perfecting each candle for our customers.

The Collection

Variety of shapes and sizes available
Dinner Candles
Dinner Candles
Altar Candles
Altar Candles
Ball Candles
Ball Candles
Block Candles
Block Candles
Medium Cylinder Candles
Small Cylinder Candles
Medium Cylinder Candles
Large Cylinder Candles
Large Cylinder Candles
Pillar Candles
Pillar Candles
Candles in Glass containers
Candles in Glass Containers
Floating Candles
Floating Candles
Chakra Candles
Chakra Candles
Gift pack Candle sets
Gift pack

Colours available

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul

- Wassily Kandinsky -
Colours available

White, Off-white, Pale-cream, Cream, Putty Cream,
Pale Blue, Dark Blue, Indigo Blue, Denim Blue, Dusty Blue, Pale Turquoise, Dark Turquoise,
Mint Green, Pale Green, Dark Green, Lime Green, Sea Green, Olive Green, Penny gum Green
Pale Pink, Pink, Dark Pink, Dusty Pink, New York Pink, Rosewood Pink, Champagne Pink
Bright Red, Berry, Maroon Red, Gave Red, Burgandy
Pale Violet, Purple, Plum, Mauve
Orange, Pale orange, Burned Orange, Amber glow ,Peach, pale peach, Yellow, Pale Yellow, Honey Gold, Mustard, Sunflower,
Brown, Rust Brown, Chocolate, Golden Brown, Saddle Brown, Grey, Gold Earth, Pale grey, Dark grey, Dove grey & Black


Frequently asked questions


Endless colour options are available

If you have a specific colour in mind you are welcome to contact us with that sample and we can match the colour for you.

Only matt colour candles are made, no metallic available

Colours may differ because its hand mixed and we work with different batches of dye

The darker the colour of the candle the less light the candle makes


Hiring of Candles

Getting married or if you have an event it is ideal to hire the candles.
We make brand new candles for you, you use and burn them for your special occasion and return the candles to us afterwards.


None Drip Candles

Candles are non dripping and long lasting. – please make sure the candles are standing straight

  • Wind/Air-con do have an effect on the candles and will make it drip
  • Should candles not be standing straight the will drip
  • The Heat has an effect on the candles and will make them drip
  • Please keep the candles at room temperature
  • Do not leave in the sun or in a car – candles will get damaged

Made per order

All our candles are hand-made.


Candles are made per order

Client should provide us with sufficient time to manufacture the candles for them


Take care of your candles

  • Burn the candle on a safe, level and fireproof container/holder.
  • Keep burning candle away from children, pets, draughts and flammable materials.
  • The melted wax is hot
  • Remove the candle from all packaging materials.
  • If needed, trim the wick to about 1cm before lighting.
  • Place candle on a level fire resistant surface.
  • Keep away from draughts and vibrations.
  • Do not leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Always burn a candle in a well ventilated room.
  • Keep the wax pool free from matches and debris at all times.
  • Never touch or move a burning candle.
  • Place burning candles at least 10cm apart.
  • Never extinguish a candle with water.
  • Make sure the candle is completely extinguished and the wick is no longer glowing before leaving the room.


We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Candle-lite’s candles are amazing, we enjoy them so much!  They last longer than any candle I have every had.
~ Anny

 Love the colour options you have available to choose from, such a big variety.
~ Heloise

Exceptional quality !
~ Rene

We absolutely loved our wedding, thank you for being a part of it! The candles looked stunning!
~ Claire

Baie dankie vir alles, die pragtige kerse, vir jou luister, vir jou idees, vir jou moeite en jou glimlag wat altyd daar is.

Personalise your candles

Options available to personalize your candles

Church Candles

Christening candles can be made with a log and name added to the candle

Unity Candles

Unity candles for wedding are very special, the meaning behind the unity candle is showcasing the 2 families becoming one.

Gifts and personal message

Perhaps you are celebrating a birthday or want to add a special message to the candle. Personalize your gift for friends or guests or collegues

Our Candles Featured In Publication​

Get in Touch

We would love to be in contact with you, sent us an email with your questions
Where to find us

Menlo Park, Pretoria | Phone: 082 800 4511 | Email: info@candle-lite.co.za

Credits – We would like to give credit to the following photographers: Patrick Furter, ShanayGreene Photography, Santi Korff photography, Of the earth photography, Tania Rootman Photography, AndreM Photography